Planning Your Project

​As you begin the planning process for your upcoming project,we highly recommend
that you walk around a few blocks to get some ideas of the aesthetic appeal of your neighborhood.

Another great resource are the project checklists that address the types
of architectural applications the Architectural Committee reviews regularly, to help ensure
your Application for Design Review package is as complete as possible.

Members may obtain approval by submitting an Application for Design Review form
(along with accompanying documents that are suggested)
first to the Association office, which records the Application for a Hearing before the Architectural Committee
which is held the 4th Monday of every month.

As always; we are here to help.

Please contact our Architectural Committee Liaison with any additional questions you have
regarding the submission process.

When you've gathered all documents necessary to expedite the application process,
submit your completed application to:

Below are some project planning tips to help your design application get approved fast!
For a complete list of design guidelines and restrictions, please refer to one of the following:

Design Guidelines
Parcel 1 Design Guidelines
Parcel 2 Design Guidelines

Ancillary Buildings and Gazebos

• Photo of proposed location (as far back as possible to include entire view). • Exact dimensions of the structure to include length, width and height. Requirements for each are listed within the Architectural Rules. •A scaled, elevated drawing of the structure •Setback measurements to all shared walls. •Catalog examples or product samples showing exact product to be used •Describe how the structure will be secured to the ground. • Additional details and photos such as floors or platfo1ms􀀙 􀀚hting (number of
• fixtures, wattage, color and style

Artifical Turf

A plan must be submitted designating the location, shape and square footage of the turf that includes the surrounding existing or proposed landscaping. Product data including product weight and a sample of the artificial turf must be physically submitted. What material will be used to edge the artificial turf and separate it from other landscape materials? Please include a color photo, with all areas to be replaced (full view of yard, please show as much as possible)

Awnings and sail shades

• Full color house photo with proposed location(s) noted, including installation heights.
• Product brochure, measurements, style and color(s), material sample and hardware description
• Full description must be written out in body of submission.

Basketball goals

• Photo (show as much as possible) with the proposed location clearly marked. • Exact product detail (color, material, size to include length and height, etc.)
• Detailed information about any platform structures to include height off the ground if applicable. • Setbacks- Meas urements from all existing property lines/walls/inside edge of the sidewalk to the intended structure